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You may contact us in English or Chinese. If you would like more information about us or our company, please visit the other areas in our Welcome section, or contact us directly. If you'd like information about our business services or classes, we would be very happy to discuss your interests or needs with you.

United States

Wudang Research Association
430 N. Pine Meadow Drive
DeBary, FL 32713 USA
Ms. Terri Morgan
email: info at

People's Republic of China

450002 People's Republic of China, Henan, Zhengzhou
Wenhua Lu, Jianxue Jie 2-7-49
Wudang Research Association
Prof. Yuzeng Liu
Phone: 0371 6381 4873
email: wudang1 at

Company Background

Knowing who you are talking with used to be easy. You sat across the table from the person and could see his or her face. Now, you can be sitting halfway around the world from each other, collaborate for months, and never meet the other person. How can you know who is really on the other end of the phone or replying to your emails? It isn't always easy to find information unless you are dealing with a public company. We have posted some informaton to help address basic questions about us.