Situations and Scenarios

These sections outline activities in several situations that business travelers will normally face. It touches on everything from meeting your hosts for dinner to getting in and out of the airport to protecting your health. In each section, we give some general information and discuss some issues of concern to business travelers. Then, we give you some pointers to other, more comprehensive sources for more information on the topics.

Essentially, business travelers are going to be concerned with getting there, meeting business associates, conducting their business, ensuring delivery of the product, and making sure they stay healthy during the trip. While there are differences which depend on where you are going, the basic considerations will remain the same.

These sections are not intended to be comprehensive. Rather, they are intended to provide some insights to help you prepare for and deal with whatever situations arise.

• Greetings, Meetings, and Presents
Basic greetings, etiquette; general conduct of meetings and approaches to problem-solving; gift-giving

• Traveling and Getting Around Town
Suggestions and tips; international gateways, visa requirements, flight confirmation, airlines, departure taxes and fees, domestic travel, city navigation.

• Hotel Services and Accommodations
Check in and check out process; rooms, facilities, business services; average room rates

• Restaurants, Dining, and Table Etiquette
Types of foods and service; suggestions and tips; seating arrangements

• Prices, Negotiations, and Bargaining
Fixed vs. open market pricing; negotiation strategies and points of view; determining what’s on the table

• Management and Quality Assurance
Management styles, structures and approaches; problem solving; application of standards

• Personal Security and Health Care
Places and situations to avoid; emergency assistance; diet suggestions, medications, and health care precautions