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Wudang Martial Arts Books and DVDs

The Wudang Martial Arts have a long history and many forms. We have selected a few items that may be useful in study and practice. These selections are not endorsements or recommendations. They are intended to provide students with as much information as possible to encourage them to learn more. Unfortunately, while there is a wealth of information in Chinese, there is still not so much available in English. For the DVDs, the language doesn’t matter as much as whether or not the video is clear and the movements can be seen. Even with good equipment, a movement may be too quick or difficult to pick up with the camera. Still, we can appreciate the effort and dedication.

Wudang Sword Books

Wudang Sword is famous in the martial arts. The Wudang Sword methods are much like those of a dragon. The quick changes and turns are among the most fascinating characteristics of these arts. In fact, there is a Wudang Dragon Sword form 龙化剑 – long hua jian. It means the sword becomes a dragon (or dragon becomes the sword). Either way, the idea is that the movement of the sword should reflect the characteristics of a dragon. That requires considerable agility, speed, and flexibility. There is also a precision to each movement, where nothing is wasted and everything is used.

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