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Wudang Qigong Books and DVDs

Wudang Qigong may refer to one of several styles of qigong (breath exercises). As with Wudang taiji, there are variations. The Wudang Mountain region has long been a place of hermitage and solitude. It is an inspiring place — and a UNESCO world heritage site. Our lineage of Wudang qigong comes from those mountains. The ability to circulate the qi with the breath, connect the mind with the body, the spirit with the heart and the outer body with the inner body are just a few of the skills we learn in Wudang qigong practice. It’s mindful and very, very active.

We have selected a few items that may be useful in study and practice. These selections are not endorsements or recommendations. They are intended to provide students with as much information as possible to encourage them to learn.

A note on the location: Wudang Mountains

The area is not easily reached, even with the new roads. In 1995, it was a challenge just to get to the foot of the mountain, let alone climb up and down 7 li (~km) of stone steps to get to the temple area on the mountain top. It’s hot in the summer and cold in the winter. The roads twist and turn going up the mountain. The temple on the mountain top is isolated. For those who wished to seek solitude and perhaps attain a level of enlightenment, the cut-stone rooms of the temple, austere as they were, would be the perfect place to meditate. Imagine how quiet it must be after a winter snow.

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