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Wudang Taiji Books and DVDs

The main component of Wudang martial arts is Wudang Taiji. It has a long and storied history. It is said that Zhang San Feng created it when he was living at Wudang Mountain. Indeed, there is some agreement that the Zhang San Feng created the 13 postures (the eight directions plus the five elements) which are the foundation of all taiji systems. Over the years, different masters have combined and perfected these fundamental forms to create what we have today.

We have selected a few items that may be useful in study and practice. These selections are not endorsements or recommendations. They are intended to provide students with as much information as possible to encourage them to learn.

A note on the location: Wudang Mountains

Like many famous places (Shaolin, Hua Shan, etc.), there are those who use the name “wudang” to represent the essential nature of what they have created; the Wudang Mountain region and it’s rich history has inspired them. It is an inspiring place — and a UNESCO world heritage site. Our lineage of Wudang taiji comes from those mountains.

The area is not easily reached, even with the new roads. In 1995, it was a challenge just to get to the foot of the mountain, let alone climb up and down 7 li (~km) of stone steps to get to the temple area on the mountain top. It’s hot in the summer and cold in the winter. The roads twist and turn going up the mountain. The people are hardy and strong. They have to be. If you live up on the mountain, how do you get your supplies home? Carry them. There’s either a walking path or stairs.

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