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Xingyiquan Books

Xingyiquan (Form-Mind Boxing) is fundamental to the internal arts. provides the core elements of the 13 postures – metal, water, wood, fire, earth which are also enter, look right, look left, leave, center. It is simple and direct. It moves forward. No questions. The motion may include something to the side or something back, but the overall intent of xingyi is to move forward. With taiji, there is some ambiguity. There is none with xingyi.

We have selected a few items that may be useful in study and practice. These selections are not endorsements or recommendations. They are intended to provide students with as much information as possible to encourage them to learn.

Xingyi is simple, sort of

It is this very simplicity in the outward movements of xingyi that is a challenge. The inner connections must be established and the outer body well-coordinated so that there is no back-shift when moving forward. Each movement is focused, deliberate and conservative – nothing extra. Xingyi is plain and straightforward.

The expression of energy (qi/jing) can be difficult to achieve. It is only possible with well-coordinated and well-timed movements that are intrinsically connected to the breath. If the body alignment is off, if the qi is not circulating, or the movements are not connected with each other through the whole body, the ability to extend the energy will be limited. Keep the body upright, the joints open. When moving, every part of the body moves in unison.

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