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Calm Waters In The Morning

What is Qi (气)?

What is qi (气)? Literally, it means air. It also means breath, not the act of breathing (呼吸), the breath itself. But that's not quite accurate either. Qi is pervasive. Every living thing and some that once were living and…

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Gemini Springs Park 11/2/2019

Remaining calm

Remaining calm is a central tenant of taiji practice. The effort is within. The outward appearance should always be relaxed and flowing. The inner work requires strength and concentration. 内固精神,外是安逸 Nei gu jing shen, wai shi an yi. Strengthen the…

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Each in their own time

In what I call developmental learning, each person will grasp a piece of the puzzle in their own time. Developmental learning builds on whatever is being done. It's different than conceptual learning. In conceptual learning, once a person understands the…

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Calm Waters

What is Xin (心)?

What is xin (心)? Literally, it means heart. It can refer to the physical organ (心脏) or to the center of being that is most attuned to feelings and emotions. I'm not referring to sentimentality, but to those sincere, often…

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Saturday Morning Class

Saturday Morning Class Starts: April 27, 2019 Time: 7:00 am - 8:30 am Location: Gemini Springs Park (East side parking. Then, across the Spillway, opposite the Spring House) For a while now, I've been thinking about starting a class (or two).…

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Sunrise and Stillness

Sunrise this morning was impressive. The image doesn't do the colors justice. The clouds were more pink and the blue was so much more vibrant. Its one of the things I enjoy most about getting up early to practice or…

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