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These videos were created in 2016. They include all the basic instructions for practice plus some corrections and points to pay attention to when practicing Wudang Qigong. We have quite a few articles and some excerpts from Prof. Liu’s book available on our site.

A second edition of Wudang Qigong has been planned. An expanded selection of videos is currently being developed. Several new videos have been added to our YouTube channel.

Revised versions of these exercises are on the schedule for January 2020. In addition, we are looking through archive footage now to see what we may be able to post. We’ve collected quite a bit.

Wudang Qigong 01 Extreme Emptiness

Wudang Qigong 02 Pushing the Mountain

Wudang Qigong 03 Wild Goose Flying

China’s Wudang Daoist Qigong is composed of eighteen types of practice exercises and methods: Extreme Emptiness, Pushing the Mountain, Wild Goose Flying, Crane Bending, Supporting Heaven, Both Appear, Four Directions, Ward Off and Pull Down, Pipa, Shaking Tail Feathers, Offering Fruit, Facing the Sun, Stirring the Grass, Dragon And Tiger, Coiling Snake, Spitting the Core, Climbing a Tree, Bowing To The Top. In practicing China’s Wudang Daoist Qigong, each person should practice individually and take direction from the teacher who sets priorities (for practice), according to breathing out and in, regulating the breathing, breathing distribution, embryonic (pre-birth) breathing, etc., whether the standard methods for circulating breath are performed for sitting, lying down, moving, closing and so on, these exercise methods should be practiced and studied.

When the energy is complete, the breath will be strong. When the breath is strong, the spirit will be vigorous. When the spirit is vigorous, the body will be healthy and free from disease.

The first step is to move the inner breath in the small heavenly circle; this is also known as the first gate and is called refining the energy and transforming the breath. Together energy, breath, and spirit become spirit breath. The second step is to move the inner breath in the large heavenly circle; this is also known as the second gate and is called refining the breath and transforming the spirit. Together spirit and breath become spirit. The third step is combining ten thousand things into an integral whole; this is also known as refining the spirit and returning to emptiness. Recover and return to emptiness, understand the heart; see the character, make the body stronger, and prolong the years.

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