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Mid-Morning Stretch

This session is for those who want to do some easy stretches, build flexibility, and work on some gentle, refreshing exercises. Everybody (every body) is welcome. Been sitting at a desk all morning? Now is a good time get up and stretch. Bring the kids.

This class is an ongoing learning/practice session. I’ll cover a few things every time and add others. Practice time will include whatever we have that day, so no need to worry about getting a set ‘right’ the first time or missing a class. Just come back for the next session and try again. And breathe.

Class includes some basic floor stretches, some body conditioning sets, and a few taiji warm up sets to develop flexibility.

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
9:30 am Stretches Stretches Stretches

All times are US Eastern.

If you’d like to register, it’s free. Registration is required for questions.

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