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Market Analysis

Market Segment Reviews. Market Opportunity Reports. International.

In today’s changing market, trying to identify what is a trend and what is sustainable is a challenge. Where to focus the effort? Where is there an opportunity? Who are the main players? What are they doing? What do the past 3 years look like compared to today? What about next year? These are just some of the questions any business owner, any product manager, or any entrepreneur must ask. They are part of any Business Plan, whether that’s a plan for a new start up or a new product. They’re a perennial component of the ‘new feature’ conversation for online offerings. Getting the answers and putting them into an easy-to-read 3-5 page summary is something we can help with.

There is a similar analysis done for many RFP responses. Whether it’s included in the response or not, knowing what the market offers (COTS) and understanding the problem the project is supposed to solve matter. How the solution might be delivered to the end users matters as well. Putting a solution in perspective with context is something we can help with.

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