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Qigong Practice – Sets 10 And 13

Qigong Practice – Sets 10 and 13

Friday, March 31, 2023

Qigong Practice – Sets 10 and 13

The focus today was similar to yesterday with more work on the upper body and keeping the upper back open and well centered.

More discussion of the idea of clearing out what you don’t want and not hanging on too much to the things you do want because we want the openness, the clarity that comes from getting rid of the junk and turning down the noise. Empty the mind. It’s not just dumping things out. It’s calming, peaceful.

Here’s the full list of Advanced sets.

10. Shaking the Tail Feathers
11. White Ape Presents a Fruit
12. Red Phoenix Flies into the Sun
13. Stir the Grass Seeking a Snake
14. Dragon and Tiger Join Together
15. Coiling Snake
16. White Snake Sticks Out Its Tongue
17. Leopard Climbs a Tree
18. Paying Homage to the Summit

Thank you for watching. 

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