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Wudang Taiji

Wudang Taiji takes it’s name from the Wudang Mountains in central China. They are a UNESCO World Heritage Site for the many 16th century Taoist temples built there.

This page is a reference for materials we have written and produced on the topic. Please feel free to browse.

Wudang Taiji Articles

These articles are mostly from when we first started and text with images was the primary publication method. It’s still quite useful.

Wudang Taiji Instruction Videos

These videos are intended to teach and demonstrate each movement. Step-by-step instruction for all aspects of practice is included.

Currently, you can view a 12 Week class online via the Beginning Wudang Taiji 12 Week Course playlist our YouTube site.

Wudang Taiji 12 Week Course


Wudang Taiji Demonstration Videos

These videos are intended to show the form and certain aspects of the form. Not intended as step-by-step instruction.

Wudang Taiji Books

These books include the original Chinese text and detailed photos.

Wudang Taiji Video eBooks (planned)

These books combine an enhanced text version of the lessons with video instruction.

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