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We invite everyone interested in any of the traditional arts we teach and practice to support our work.

There are several ways:

Members receive a 10% discount on classes and a private login for our site to access to content not available to the public.

The private area also provides access to a question/answer board where they can post questions. Members may also post answers. Terri will post an answer to every Member question. Later, it will be possible to ask questions of other teachers. Members also have access to a once-a-month live Question/Answer session.

Sustaining members receive everything Members receive plus a 15% discount on online and in-person classes.

Patrons receive everything Members receive plus a 25% discount on online and in-person classes.

All memberships are annual. The amount you select is for a full year.

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Interested in Sponsoring us? Or Investing?

Excellent. We’d like to hear from you. Your assistance could make all the difference and would be very much appreciated. We would use funding to accelerate content development (videos, podcasts, blog posts, social presence), enhance the online experience (equipment for livestreaming), market classes and workshops (online and in person), and develop extended business alliances to promote membership and provide more additional original content.

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