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Technical Services

Our Technical Services grew out of the things we were doing. We started the Wudang Research Association in 1996 to translate and publish books. Born online (seriously), our first publication was our web site, in English and Chinese in 1996. We’ve published a few more things since then.

Our services include work in other languages. We work in English, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, and French. Other languages by arrangement. Our rates range from $75 – $125 / hr depending on the material. We’d be happy to review what you have and quote a fixed price, too.

  • We work with native speakers of other languages to edit and prepare technical and scientific materials for publication in English-language journals, including XML JATS conversions.
  • We work with FDA regulated companies to format their regulatory submissions using the required XML FDADF specification.
  • We work with journals to review and edit submissions to their publications for language and clarity.
  • We work with businesses to develop and produce human-focused content for their web sites.
  • We work with software developers to create specifications, process flows, online help, and other artifacts.
  • We work with marketing companies and businesses to develop print and ebooks for their clients and employees.

Technical Editing

For technical writing, clarity is critical. The point is to convey information. This can be a challenge for researchers and scientists who are not native speakers of English. We can help.

XML and Regulatory Formatting

Preparing the material for submittal to certain regulatory agencies (FDA) as well as for publication to certain journals requires the file conform to the publisher’s specifications. Whether that’s a XML schema for compliant, validated-XML FDA Labels or the XML JATS standard, the file needs to be in the correct format.

Print and eBook Prep

Print is still a good way to communicate with others. Yet more and more, we rely on electronic ‘print’ for things we previously had on paper. Setting up a long file isn’t the same as formatting a couple of pages.


We were born on the web. Literally. Filed the paperwork through Compuserv back in the day. Our first publication was our web site… this one. Multiple sites and multiple changes in standards and methods later, we’re still here.

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