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Websites, Portals, and Web Applications

Our first publication was a dual-language English/Chinese web site in 1996. At the time, the encoding for Chinese had to be set and the only option for showing the “other language” was a manual link to a manually created page. Things have changed. In the Open Source market, Drupal and WordPress make managing site translations easy. Automation of the basic vocabularies for software controls has made it almost — not quite — unnecessary to translate. Just plug in the language pack. It’s not quite so easy for content.

Using a ‘translate’ service to automatically translate a web page isn’t accurate. It may be more or less okay depending on the original language. If it’s important, the best choice is always to have an informed native speaker take a look. That goes for graphics, too. What might be fine in one culture, won’t have the same message for another. We can help with that.

Sprint NOC Portal c.1997
Sprint NOC Portal c.1998
Informix ATM Portal
Informix ATM Portal c. 1999
Travel Portal for CCPIT-Henan
Travel Portal for CCPIT-Henan c. 2002
Franchise Group Executive Recruiting Portal
Franchise Executive Recruiting Portal c. 2015
Veteran's Multipurpose Center Website
Veteran’s Multipurpose Center Website c. 2015
Traditional Taiji Alliance
Traditional Taiji Alliance c. 2020
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