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Calm Waters In The Morning

What is Qi (气)?

What is qi (气)? Literally, it means air. It also means breath, not the act of breathing (呼吸), the breath itself. But that's not quite accurate either. Qi is pervasive. Every living thing and some that once were living and…

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Calm Waters

What is Xin (心)?

What is xin (心)? Literally, it means heart. It can refer to the physical organ (心脏) or to the center of being that is most attuned to feelings and emotions. I'm not referring to sentimentality, but to those sincere, often…

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Sustaining Practice Long-Term

Most adults who start training in one or another of the arts continue for a few weeks or a few years, depending on what they are doing, what they want to do, and the opportunities the art, the teacher, or…

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Old Ghosts

Taiji and forms solo practice is sometimes called shadowboxing - fighting an imaginary opponent or your own shadow. It's how we develop ourselves, learn how to move, and engage qi through the movements. But the fight with an imaginary opponent…

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