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Over the years, we’ve published quite a few things of our own and more for others. We’ve written books, created videos, written articles, and so much more. Much of our work is here, on this site. We invite you to browse as you like.


I started writing this blog as a way to teach. So many ideas that are not visible in the movements. I’ve kept it intermittently. I’ll be writing more soon.

Metal Water Wood Fire Earth
Five Birds Over The Ocean
Wudang Research Association 25 Years Online
My Favorite Silks


We’ve published a few books. There are quite a few more that are almost ready.


We’ve published several newsletters and journals as well as contributing to others. There’s more than what’s here… coming soon.

Threads Newsletter September 2022
Threads July 2022
The Tai Chi Letter April 2021
The Tai Chi Letter January 2021


We’ve contributed to quite a few publications. More on that coming soon.


There was a time when we didn’t have the technology we have today. Even with that, sometimes the camera is too slow. Most of what we have is on our YouTube Channel. There will be more. Quite a bit more.

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