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Wudang Research Association 25 Years Online

25 Years Online

Happy Birthday, This week marks a pretty big, nah, huge, milestone for me. This site will have been online for 25 Years in English and Chinese, since November 18, 1996. Yes. I go way…

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Mirror And Reflection

Becoming Ourselves

Who we are is a process of becoming ourselves, of making choices that determine who we are. We each have a background, a history, a culture, and sub-culture that has shaped us. The trips to…

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Staying Home

Staying Home

Today, so many of us are staying home and keeping away from others. Most of us aren't used to that. We're used to being out, meeting friends, sitting with family for Sunday dinners. Staying home,…

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Two Wolves

Don’t Fight Yourself

Being mindful is about being present, now. here. In this second. It’s also about turning down the noise. If you engage in “battle” to do this, you cannot succeed. Why not? Because you are fighting…

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What We Give Away

What we give away

What we give away merges into who we are. I just sent away some comic books from the 1960's. DC Comics. Superman. Batman. Legion of Super Heroes. Wonder Woman. Detective. And more.... They were mine.…

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Suzhou Gardens

Trust Your Intuition

In practice and in basic self-defense, it's important to trust your intuition - about your surroundings, about your circumstances, about those you meet. When we are in a familiar place, we tend to not be…

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When The Heart Is Calm, The Spirit Is Tranquil,

Not Wanting

Buddhist teachings tell us that wanting is more of a problem than not having and 'not wanting' is the key to happiness. That is one of the most important points in learning to calm the…

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Landing in Shanghai 1990

I don't remember landing in Shanghai so much as landing in Hong Kong. 1990. The airport in Hong Kong was not on it's own island. We came through a multitude of tall buildings, 20 stories…

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Temple Complex, Wudang Mountains December 1999

1999 Wudangshan

There are some stories no one else can tell. I need to tell them. 1999. Wudangshan. I had asked my teacher, Prof. Liu, if we could go to Wudangshan (The Wudang Mountains). In 1995, I…

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