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1999 Wudangshan

1999 Wudangshan

There are some stories no one else can tell. I need to tell them.

1999. Wudangshan.

I had asked my teacher, Prof. Liu, if we could go to Wudangshan (The Wudang Mountains). In 1995, I had asked. That is another story.

This time, I’d arrived in Zhengzhou. Shifu had a student with an empty apartment. I was going to rent it for 3 weeks.

It was November, December. Need to check the dates. Definitely winter. The apartment had heat, but the heating system was controlled. It didn’t engage until the requisite date. It was cold. I remember sitting under a well-made Chinese quilt, shivering. There was no heat in the room.

The next day, Shifu brought a space heater. He came on a 魔头车 – a cross between a motorized bicycle and a motorcycle. It was heaven! There was warmth in the room!

There was much more….

And a journey to Wudangshan…..

It may take a few days to tell this story.

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