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Our Technical Services grew out of the things we were doing. We started the Wudang Research Association in 1996 to translate and publish books. Born online (seriously), our first publication was our web site, in English and Chinese in 1996. We’ve published a few more things since then.

Our most recent publication is Weaving the Threadstm Practice and Philosophy in the Internal Arts. The current issue is available on the Print menu and the sidebar.


We were born on the web. Literally. Filed the paperwork through Compuserv back in the day. Our first publication was our web site… this one. Multiple updates, multiple changes in standards and methods, and 25 years later, we’re still here. We’d be happy to help you do the same.

Website Support
  • Manage sites as a technical point of contact
  • Keep software updated
  • Monitor traffic and security
  • Make technical changes to websites
  • Manage content systems, updates, backups
  • Review sites for performance and other issues
  • Add features to websites
  • Create content and develop designs


We’re the ‘developer’ you needed last week. Our web services are priced for small business owners. Corporate rates are available.

Website Production
  • Produce websites
  • Ensure message and call to action are clear
  • Obtain images and other collateral
  • Edit/Write copy and descriptions
  • Check images to reduce load times
  • Make purchasing easy
  • Develop online catalogs and sales tools


We’re the ‘website producer’ you needed. Our services are priced for small business owners. Corporate rates are available. Startup rates are available, too.

Website Development
  • Identify platform and goals
  • Review archive for clarity and organization
  • Identify relevant metrics (e.g., search terms, business functions)
  • Identify relevant metadata and schemas
  • Identify the audience
  • Prepare migration / consolidation plans and goals
  • Collect, edit, and write content to achieve the goals


The key to having a website that’s easy to navigate is to identify the core purpose. The architecture follows. We can write and organize content for other developers, for business / government users, and for consumers.

Technical Writing and Editing
  • Newsletters
  • Case Studies
  • White Papers
  • Technical manuscript editing
  • Long document (300-500 pp) setup
  • Foreign language editing
  • Document reviews
  • Coaching and Editorial assistance


Many times, we can correct the issues and retain the original word choices by adjusting for the grammar and content flow.

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