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Part 1 of traditional Yang style taijiquan facing away from the camera. This video was made to help students follow the form. The same as in class, the student would be standing behind (and with turns, beside) the teacher to follow the movements of the form. This video gives students a way to follow along with correct practice, almost the same as if they were in class, and a tool to help bridge the gaps while learning.

Terri teaches and has received multiple awards for Yang style taiji, including three international titles. Her forms are traditional. She learned Yang style from Master Huang Weilun for three years 1984-1989 and from Master Yang Zhenduo via seminars and workshops. She’s won multiple awards for Wudang taiji as taught by Professor Liu Yuzeng. 2020 marks 30 years since she began studying with him (1990) and 40 since she began formal studies the of movement arts.

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