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When we founded the company, my intent was to translate and publish at least some of Prof. Liu’s work in English and Chinese. Achieving that goal has been far more difficult than it sounds and much harder than it needed to have been. It remains something that I would like to do.

The Ambassador

I’ve been working on a sci-fi series. Of course it includes martial arts. It is about more, too. It’s about how we teach the next generations. To start bringing my vision of this new sci-fi universe to life, I’ve started producing an old-fashioned audio series. It’s available on Spotify.

The Ambassador Cover Art
The Ambassador: At Ras'alhague Cover Art

On March 2, 2023, during my live stream, I announced my intent to publish my stories. That may not sound like much. It’s a big deal. The Wudang Research Association is a traditional publisher. So as a traditional publisher, I’m going to be doing a few things with the books.

Our Early Books

We published our first book, Wudang Qigong in 1998. We wrote our second book, Going East or West? to talk about what we experienced in our own travels between the US and China. We published it in 2001. But then, there were difficulties. In 2007, we published Professor Liu’s book on Wudang Taiji in Chinese only. After that, it became more and more difficult to complete the work. So much of what I had planned didn’t happen.

In 2020, I started collecting my files, looking at what I had done and what I has set out to do. What was I going to do with all of it? I’d still like to put together the books I wanted to be able to read when I first started my studies. That is going to be a work in progress, just like this site has been for 25 years.

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