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The 18 Exercises of Wudang Qigong

These photos of Prof. Liu performing the eighteen exercises were taken in Zhengzhou in 2006. The original photos for our Wudang Qigong book were taken in Kansas City in 1998 for the first edition. That was the first time detailed photographs had been taken of all eighteen exercises.

Prof. Liu showing Wudang Qigong 01 Extreme Emptiness

1. Extreme Emptiness

Extreme emptiness method combines heaven and earth, simple and natural, no things, push up from below through the head and suspend.

The intent is at the Lao Gong raise the Yong Quan, empty the mind, fill the belly and the breath will correctly ascend.

Prof. Liu showing Wudang Qigong 02 Push Mountain

2. Pushing the Mountain

In Pushing the Mountain, the inner breath gathers in the middle dan tian, Issuing or receiving, using and transforming do not change the countenance.

The triple burner is unimpeded, the breath is not obstructed, strengthen the body, guard the health, protect the original breath.

Prof. Liu showing Wudang Qigong 03 Wild Goose Flying

3. Wild Goose Flying

Wild geese spread their wings thinking of soaring aloft, and a wild swan lowers to the earth, like using inner dan practice.

The breath passes through both arms, raise both heels, fly upward and lower downward quietly, noiselessly.

Prof. Liu showing Wudang Qigong 04 Diagonal Flying

4. Diagonal Flying

The person who practices White Crane Skill has long life, diagonally soaring, the body moves like a gentle breeze.

View the myriad things of the world as dust, with the heart field naturally the breathing will join.

Prof. Liu showing Wudang Qigong 05 Supporting Heaven

5. Supporting Heaven

Supporting Heaven raise the cauldron from both ends of the spine, from within what seems a trance, the thoughts focus.

Profound ancestors sat steadily at the Golden Top Palace, emptiness, nothing inside strengthens the golden pill.

Prof. Liu showing Wudang Qigong 06 Yin and Yang

6. Both Appear

Both Appear Exercise method distinguishes yin and yang, forget about myself the breath, energy and spirit attain a high level.

The breath in the dan tian appears from the south (qian), energy and breath from the north (kun) extend to the remote corners of the earth.

Prof. Liu showing Wudang Qigong 07 Turning Palm

7. Four Directions

Yin and Yang Both Appear gives birth to the Four Directions, refine the spirit and empty the rational mind to become enlightened.

One must know where the key to the workmanship lies, when the breath is sufficient and the spirit whole, the golden pill will mature.

Prof. Liu showing Wudang Qigong 08 Ward Off Pull Down

8. Ward Off and Pull Down

Ward Off and Pull Down Exercise method is both straight and angular, clean breath enters, corrupted breath leaves; regulate the breathing out and in.

Firm and soft join with each other, the breath connects with heaven, whether amid waves or mountains, regard them as unimportant.

Prof. Liu showing Wudang Qigong 08 Ward Off Pull Down

9. Playing the Pipa

Three times play the pipa on each side, yin and yang changing within is natural.

Intention and breath are monarchs; the bones and flesh are subjects, Heaven’s energy and earth’s intelligence nourish the golden pill.

Prof. Liu showing Wudang Qigong 09 Strum the Lute

10. Shaking the Tail Feathers

The breath in motion gathers and collects, returning to the dan tian, shake the tail feathers and both wings, the mind overflows outward.

One must recognize what’s inside and know the situation of profound mysteries, raise the Hui Yin, raise the heels, breathing is the true teaching.

Prof. Liu showing Wudang Qigong 11 White Ape

11. White Ape Presents Fruit

White Ape from the Cheng Jiang offers an immortal peach, the old monarch rewards (him) with a golden pill from the furnace front.

Growing melons and growing beans is not futile, extend outward, gather inward; naturally becoming immortal.

Prof. Liu showing Wudang Qigong 12 Red Phoenix

12. Red Phoenix Faces the Sun

Red phoenix faces the sun, breath connects with Heaven, shoulders relax, elbows sink down, distinguish yin and yang.

Circulate the breathing out and breathing in, count (the times of) practice, a hundred-year-long life happy, peaceful, healthy.

Prof. Liu showing Wudang Qigong 13 Stirring the Grass

13. Stir the Grass to Seek the Snake

Hiding the flower in the armpit’s base is not rare, sway left, strike right is then appropriate.

Stir the grass to seek the snake, sweeping right and left, mind and breath together solidify the foundation.

Prof. Liu showing Wudang Qigong 14 Dragon and Tiger

14. Dragon and Tiger Join Together

West mountain white tiger paces wildly, Eastern green dragon has no comparison.

Dragon and tiger join together, metal and wood combine; a person’s temper subsides and becomes a golden pill.

Prof. Liu showing Wudang Qigong 15 Coiling Snake

15. Coiling Snake

Coiling snake folds spinning into one root, from the nose, careful breathing appears continuous and unbroken.

Refinement results in a hundred treasures according to intent and the golden pill, use energy to transform the breath and breath to cultivate the body.

Prof. Liu showing Wudang Qigong 16 White Snake

16. White Snake Sticks out its Tongue

In White Snake Sticks out its Tongue the breath returns inside, using skill and using intent swing and sway the head.

Surging rivers return to the ocean, use stillness and wait for the movement, excellent and unhurried.

Prof. Liu showing Wudang Qigong 17 Leopard Climbs a Tree

17. Leopard Climbs a Tree

Leopard Climbs a Tree, the breath connects, outside and inside, above and below, strength is endless.

Everyone says kidney breath gives birth to a person’s body, Later Heaven’s energy and breath must also be full.

Prof. Liu showing WudangQigong18 Pay Homage

18. Group of Peaks Pay Homage to the Top

Seventy-two peaks pay homage to the golden crown, Thirty-six cliffs earnestly replenish (yin) kun

Refining the DAN TIAN results in a long life treasure that ten thousand measures of yellow gold cannot offer a person.

Published: 01/09/2013

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