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Xingyi Pi Quan

Xingyi Pi Quan Metal
Xingyi Pi Quan Metal

These two videos cover the fundamentals for Xingyi Pi Quan and a few practice methods with options for continuous practice.

Basics, Key Points (Beginner, Intermediate)

This video covers the first in the creative cycle Pi Quan (劈)split along with several basic techniques. The fundamentals for the fist methods used in Pi are also used in the other four of the five elements. The ways in which the fists extend, how the fingers open and close, and correct alignment with the body are important for correct movement. With xingyi, everything is direct. The body moves all together, all at the same time.

Terri provides an introduction to pi quan along with some examples (do’s and don’ts) for practice.

Foundations and Dynamics (Intermediate, Advanced)

This video covers the first in the creative cycle Xingyi Pi Quan (劈)split. The underlying movement in pi is that of an axe. Together with that, there is a forward and downward direction of energy. The focus in this segment is on developing skill with this technique, not on the basics. There’s a simple turn that provides for continuous practice and development of the skills for the turn. Terri also discusses the use of internal energy in Pi.

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