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Back in the 1990’s, before today’s technologies made it easy, we made a few videos. Over the ten years between 1996-2006, I made a few recordings of Prof. Liu and some of his students. I managed to get some footage of myself practicing, too. I plan to edit and post some of these old videos. It will be an interesting look back.

In 2020, I started teaching a live stream five days a week and recording it. Those classes are currently archived and available on our YouTube channel and can be found via the Playlists. For more specific movements, I’ve recorded several videos for each of the arts I teach. Links to those videos can be found in the respective sections for each of the arts.

Wudang Research Association on YouTube

Wudang on YouTube
Wudang on YouTube

To date (9/18/2022), I have over 500 videos. They are all different and some of them are the same. That is, each day is different. There’s always something that wasn’t covered, was / was not emphasized, or may have been covered differently. Those that are the same include all the qigong sets. Each class, I cover either sets 1-9 or sets 10-18.

Wudang Qigong Sets 1-9

I’ve just (9/15/2022) recorded Wudang Qigong sets 1-9 with a turn so all sides (front, right, back, left) are visible.


Most of the videos are tagged to my playlists. So if you wanted Beginning Wudang Taiji, there’s a playlist that will take you through from beginning to end. This needs more work.

Wudang Research Association Playlists

Wudang Research Association Playlists on YouTube
Wudang Research Association Playlists on YouTube
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