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Baguazhang Sets 1-4

Baguazhang Sets 1-4 practice in both directions. In this video, each turn starts at Tian (Heaven). There are several patterns that can be used in Bagua practice.

In Bagua, there are 8 palm changes. It’s in the name. Ba 八 is Chinese for the number 8 (eight).

This practice method – with each of the sets returning to Tian 天 (Heaven) to begin the next change requires focus on placement and position (where did the last set end and where should the next one start?), encourages basic footwork development, promotes good body placement, and develops correct posture. The centripetal force generated from walking the circle has to be compensated for through correct posture, correct stepping, and good body placement (no leaning). Otherwise, the circle keeps getting smaller and smaller as the force pulls inward.

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