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Baguazhang Earlier Heaven Pattern Sets 1-4

This video shows Baguazhang Earlier Heaven Pattern Sets 1-4.

In Bagua, there are 8 palm changes. It’s in the name. Ba 八 is Chinese for the number 8 (eight).

The Earlier Heaven pattern is a particular arrangement of the 8 gua (trigrams) that represents pre- energy. In the theory of the form, the pre- energy exists before anything exists. It has not yet become, yet it exists and contains or represents the potential for everything. It is mutable. In practice, one of the goals is to restore some part of this pre- energy so that it contributes to longer life. In physics we have this concept in the notion of intrinsic energy. This energy that is native to and part of; it is not dependent on anything. Unlike kinetic energy which depends on movement, intrinsic energy simply exists. We may decide to use it to engage in an activity or not.

The Later Heaven pattern is a different arrangement. It represents post- energy. In the theory of the form, the post- energy exists only after things have taken form. There is definition and clarity to things. This is the fundamental concept of physical form. Whatever the form, it has it’s particular energy that may be developed and cultivated, but it is not mutable. It is fixed.

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