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The Wudang Research Association (International Wudang Internal Martial Arts Research Association) was founded by Terri Morgan from the United States and Yuzeng Liu from the People’s Republic of China. Whether or not we are famous depends on who you ask.

Born Digital

Born Digital means something special for us. We founded the company online using CompuServ in 1996.

Over the next twenty years, we traveled to several places, made a few videos, and wrote quite a bit. Much of the original Chinese on our site is from Prof. Liu’s books. He published quite a lot. He retired in 2013. He still (2022) teaches classes at People’s Park in Zhengzhou.

I’ve continued with my efforts to maintain the site and add to the knowledge I worked to acquire. I was always the backbone of the company, making sure the paperwork got done, managing the files, doing translations, and writing the code. It’s been through my efforts that this site has remained online for 25 years. That there is a significant video archive is due to my vision and my determination.

In the early days, I tracked who we were connected with and where they were. It was important to Prof. Liu and it was quite nice to have a list of affiliates, distributors, and students in Canada, Jamaica, Japan, England, France, the Netherlands, Australia, South Africa, and of course China and the United States. I’ve not paid much attention to keeping up with all of them for quite a few years. Some may no longer exist – businesses that once thrived can fail. It would be nice to go back 10-15 years for a visit. Maybe someday.

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