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Fa Jin 发劲 Expressing Strength

Fa Jin 发劲 Expressing Strength or Sending-out Strength is one of several types of internal strength or internal workmanship. The name literally means “expressing” or “sending out.” I might want to send a letter 发信 fa xin. The idea is that I have something and I’m going to send it somewhere else.

Wudang Taiji, Part 1, with a focus on Fa Jin


What is Fa Jin?

Fa Jin is the ability to express the qi and the internal strength (nei jin 内经). This is probably the most widely known of the internal strengths. Most of the fundamental movements in taiji push hands require some level of ability to express or send out the qi using jin (strength, force). The amount and direction of force will determine what happens. For example, with peng (ward off), the direction is outward, down and up. With lu (pull down), the direction is down.

In application, expressing strength is also directing force. And there are several types of force that can be used. The key is to make sure the body is open and the qi can flow freely from the lower tan tian. Otherwise, the force is merely physical.

Fa Jin appears to be overt and yet is requires the greatest degree of openness, coordination, and strength (intrinsic and kinetic) to be correct. The use of ‘muscle and grit’ isn’t fa jin.

Yes, these are subtle principles. This is not a beginner-level discussion.

The use of internal energies takes time and practice. Students need time to understand and begin to work with the concepts. Practice is the only way to develop the skill.

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