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Website Development

Everybody wants a web site. Some are designed to be eye-catching brochures. Others are intended to run the business, with ordering, payments, and management reporting all built in. The choice of platform makes a difference in cost and what can be done easily. The same platforms can be used in many different ways. The key is to identify your goals and what you expect spend. That will help define what your choices will be. We can help with a full range of sites types and platforms including WordPress, Drupal, and SharePoint.

Website Development
  • Identify platform and goals
  • Review archive for clarity and organization
  • Identify relevant metrics (e.g., search terms, business functions)
  • Identify relevant metadata and schemas
  • Identify the audience
  • Prepare migration / consolidation plans and goals
  • Collect, edit, and write content to achieve the goals


The key to having a website that’s easy to navigate is to identify the core purpose. The architecture follows. We can help define, write and organize content for other developers, for business / government users, and for consumers.

Traditional Taiji Alliance

Traditional Taiji Alliance

Traditional Taiji Alliance Single page Brochure site 2020
Franchise Group Executive Recruiting Portal

Franchise Group Executive Recruiting

Franchise Group Executive Recruiting Brochure 2015
Patient Care Tracking Application

Patient Care Tracking Application

Online database application 2013 (C# ASP.NET SQL)
Veteran's Multipurpose Center Website

Veteran's Multipurpose Center Website

Veteran's Multipurpose Center Website 2015-2022
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