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Wudang Dragon Sword – Sets 1-3 Review 3

Wudang Dragon Sword – Sets 1-3 Review 3

Wednesday, April 5, 2023

Wudang Dragon Sword – Sets 1-3 Review 3

During the warm ups, I paid attention to standing on one leg and opening the hip. The dexterity to do that is something we want to develop.

Still having some issues with my hand from my cat encounter. So my focus is on the particular movements, the same as we have been doing all week. The goal is to bring clarity and precision to each of the movements. Then, speed it up.

Also, I put quite a bit of emphasis on paying attention to what I have – a sword, not a staff, not a bat. A sword  (jian 剑) has a tip and blade edges on both sides.

Where do we pay attention to which part of the sword? In which movements? How?

Review this week. There are so many small things that I need to revisit and so many more that I haven’t had time to mention. One of the important things to remember as we go through each practice session is that I’m not trying to teach everything all at once. Each lesson builds on the ones before.

Each week, I’ll cover one one of the sets. On Mondays (a), we start working with the movement. Tuesdays, I’ll go into more details (b). On Wednesdays (c), I’ll put what we have back into the form to make the connections.

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