Wudang Mountains 武当山
Ming Dynasty Gate 明代门

Excellence and Quality

The discipline, insights, and depth of experience we have developed through a lifetime of study are not limited to our teaching of traditional Wudang martial arts; they are reflected in everything we do. Talent alone is not enough to earn a gold medal at international competition. It requires diligent practice, determination, and dedication. The same tenacity and heart we encourage in our students.

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Martial Arts

Our research focuses on the health benefits of martial arts practice, the philosophical traditions, the character of the martial arts and their self-defense applications.

We teach arts from both the Wudang and the Shaolin traditions. Regular classes, workshops, seminars, and private lessons are available.

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Wudang Research Association

The Wudang Research Association was founded in 1996 to bring the teachings and practice of traditional Wudang martial arts to the West. Famous in China but little known elsewhere, the Wudang martial arts have a long history. Named after the Wudang Mountains, they are an orthodox school of Chinese gongfu. Today, thanks to the opening of China and the efforts of many teachers, more and more people have become familiar with the practices, teachings, and benefits of Wudang martial arts.

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