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Turning The Waist Up And Down

Turning the Waist Up and Down

Friday, March 17, 2023

Turning the Waist, Up and Down

Today, we paid attention to turning the waist, keeping the shoulders and hips in good alignment. The turn through the waist should be easy and smooth. Each time, keeping the back open, the shoulders over the hips and the body well placed over the feet. My standard admonition to not push into the knee, push into the heel as we sink down through coiling snake. The idea is to keep the hips open so the legs can move to twist all the way down to the floor.

I covered three sets:

10. Shaking the Tail Feathers

13. Stir the Grass Seeking a Snake

15. Coiling Snake


Thank you for watching. 

Here is the full list of Advanced sets:

10. Shaking the Tail Feathers

11. White Ape Presents a Fruit

12. Red Phoenix Flies into the Sun

13. Stir the Grass Seeking a Snake

14. Dragon and Tiger Join Together

15. Coiling Snake

16. White Snake Sticks Out Its Tongue

17. Leopard Climbs a Tree

18. Paying Homage to the Summit

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