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Wudang Dragon Sword – Set 2a

Wudang Dragon Sword – Set 2a

Monday, March 20, 2023

Wudang Dragon Sword – Set 2a

Each week, I’ll cover one one of the sets. On Mondays (a), we start working with the movement. Tuesdays, I’ll go into more details (b). On Wednesdays (c), I’ll put what we have back into the form to make the connections.

Today, I introduced the second set

2. Qilin suspends left sword posture

2. 麒麟挂隔左剑势(面东)

I also introduced the opportunity for doing something that isn’t part of the form but could be. How the stepping methods are uses makes a difference for the system and the forms. Which stepping methods are used in which combinations is part of the orthodoxy of the forms. Are there opportunities to make changes? Yes. But that’s never been my focus. My goal has always been to preserve what I learned.

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